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Confirmed: Schwarzenegger begins filming Terminator

07.30.2018by: Mike Sprague

As we all know good and well by this point in time, the new TERMINATOR is being directed by†DEADPOOL's Tim Miller and produced by franchise creator James Cameron. So far we know that the movie is all set to star†Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Luna, Natalie Reyes, and Diego Boneta.

And today we have confirmation that, yes, Schwarzenegger has begun filming! Schwarzenegger broke the news himself (in a roundabout way) when he was recently addressing Fijiís Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama. He sent along a video (which you can see below) where he says:

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, I want to congratulate you for this great event and Iím sorry I cannot be with you but Iím currently shooting ĎTerminator 6í and so this is why Iím not there; otherwise I would have been there because this is a terrific event and you have shown terrific leadership. I mean, youíre really kicking some serious butt, so we are very, very proud of you. So thank you very much for everything that you do and youíre a great leader in the environmental movement. Thank you.

It has been rumored here and there over the past few weeks that the main Terminator himself had been spotted on-set, but this is about all the confirmation we could ever need, right? I mean if the Terminator himself says he's on the set of this new James Cameron-produced TERMINATOR 2 sequel, then we have to believe him, right? Hell, yeah.†

David S. Goyer and Billy Ray wrote the screenplay for this latest TERMINATOR film which is only acknowledging the events of the first two films and ignoring the other sequels (RISE OF THE MACHINES, SALVATION, and GENISYS). The film is scheduled to reach theatres on November 22, 2019.

Extra Tidbit: How excited are YOU for TERMINATOR?



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